Attracting Talent: Problems and Solutions


The Omaha economy is doing well and unemployment is low or lower than it has been in the past decade. This creates a staffing problem for employers.  The authors describe how staffing qualified candidates is difficult and describe the various workarounds employers are using to find and retain good employees.  

 Additionally, the authors discuss the community efforts on attracting employees from other places and shifting educational focus of universities to meet demand.  Do you think this strategy will work given every city in the country has the exact same problem, a lack of qualified candidates?  Do you think this problem is industry specific - i.e. the tech industry?  

 Is this issue more indicative of an underlying systemic problem across the country, i.e. more jobs than workers?  If this problem is systemic, then is it a good strategy to be deporting workers and shrinking the labor pool? 

Scott Bragg