Boosting Your Sales With AI


Today’s blog is about using AI in your company to help your sales team generate more revenue.  The featured article recommends five strategies. 

AI can help you optimize pricing with ideal discount rates based on features of past deals such as deal size, number of competitors, company size, client’s annual revenue, level of decision-makers involved, and whether it was a new or existing client.  AI can also help a company forecast future revenue, and in turn, better manage resources going forward.  Up-selling and cross-selling is the third way quickly bump sales – identify who of your existing clients are likely to buy the latest version or your new product, and save on marketing costs at the same time.  Rank your leads in your pipeline using lead scoring, which measures the likelihood of closing a deal based on historical client data such as social media and customer interaction.  Finally, manage performance with dashboards to visualize which salespeople are hitting quotas, and which deals are likely to close. 

 The key is to carefully identify and combine the right data sets with a CRM to arrive at the best predictions.  Now, go close some deals.

Laura Neeson