Growing into Great


In my previous blog post, I wrote about competition.   Today’s post is a continuation of that topic, and the importance of supporting sustainable companies to drive a competitive economy.  In their February 8, 2017 article featured in the Harvard Business Review, authors Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini argue that it is time to turn undue attention from startup unicorns to making organizations entrepreneur-friendly. 1

The authors cite a variety of reasons for the necessary attitude adjustment.  To sum up, they posit that unicorns represent a very small proportion of the U.S. economy (less than 2% of the market value of the companies that comprise the S&P 500 ($19.9 trillion).  The authors lament the increasing bureaucratization of growing companies – from which unicorns are not immune.  The authors recognize that unicorns really are a very thin slice of the U.S. economy.  


Laura Neeson