Here is Why US Soccer Should Hire Us

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If you are reading this article and you know anyone working in Chicago at US Soccer headquarters, then please forward this message to them. 

US Soccer should hire Chapman & Company to be the Talent Identification Firm.  What you should not do - is hire a talent identification director.  Here is why in a word – innovation. 

 I will elaborate.

 Innovation is defined as a new product, idea, process, method, way of thinking, etc.  That’s what our firm does well for our clients.  We build innovative ways to solve intractable problems for corporations- large and small, fund new ideas, develop communities, provide metrics for success, and help entrepreneurs.  By the way these are all the things US soccer needs help with… not just scouting.  Talent Identification is part of (re)building the soccer ecosystem in the United States – not a singular problem that can solve all of its problems. 

 US Soccer needs a better coaching path (and better coaches), it needs more referees (and better ones),  US Soccer needs new revenue streams for local clubs, it needs a new path for families to participate, it needs new league models that overcome geographic limitations, it needs a promotion and relegation strategy, and it needs an organization that isn’t US soccer to lead this charge.  Chapman & Company can provide all of these benefits, while a director employed by US Soccer cannot. 

 Why?  Because as an outsider, we can offer a structure and ideas about building an ecosystem.  Something that we are both qualified to do and uniquely talented in.  We can operate where US Soccer cannot – unknown agents that can do real market research about the broken structures in US Soccer, not just perpetuate conventional (and often incorrect) “wisdom”.  We can have conversations about change without fear of reprisal.  We can work to improve the presence and reputation of US soccer throughout the country at the local level.  And, US Soccer would get our entire organization for the price it costs to hire an in-house director. 

 This decision isn’t difficult.  It makes sense from a strategic, economic, and innovative perspective.  There are additional benefits that we haven’t mentioned like being soccer nerds and well connected across the country.  You can read about them here in on our previous blogs

 I will leave you with this parting thought.  The American Outlaws were established in Lincoln, NE by entrepreneurs outside the US Soccer organization. They saw a need and decided to build a supporter organization from the ground up – for the supporters.  US Soccer tried to do the same thing about the same time and failed.  It failed because institutions such as US Soccer are not entrepreneurial; they are managerial.  This structure and mindset prevents optimal outcomes.  The optimal outcome was the American Outlaws – a supporter started and operated firm.  Now the American Outlaws are the national organization that works to support US Soccer and actively energize local soccer communities. 

 US Soccer, its players, and fans need more of this type of innovation.  Our firm specializes in this type of innovation and scalability.  

Scott Bragg