Internet Trends Report


Every year at about this time Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins produces her Internet Trends Report.  It is a must read for folks who care about the software, IT, computer world.  As usual, I noticed a couple of things that jump out at me. Here are a couple…

Internet ad buys are on pace to (finally) outstrip tv ad buys. With the amount of focus and data available, I am surprised that this will happen for the first time in 2017.Microsoft Azure is growing really fast, whereas Amazon Web Services (AWS) was flat. AWS is still bigger – but Azure is catching up fast.  India looks like a good opportunity with many of the regulatory changes under Modi.

The numbers on things such as mobile currencies and banking are fascinating.  China and India both have heavy downloads in relatively small numbers of high use apps – Alibaba, Tencent, Facebook dominate.  Immigrants continue to be really important for the US regarding new company creation in technology.  This report covers a lot of areas and has a ton of data. It is not a quick read but it consistently provides levels of insight for me regarding what has happened, what is happening, and what will be happening in the next five years.

Tom Chapman