My Impression of Big Omaha


Big Omaha had a lot to offer me as a newcomer to this event.  I have attended the closing party in past years, but not the speaker sessions.  In general, I was pleased with the substance and the format.  Most importantly, I made some new acquaintances, and had time for substantive conversations with attendees.  Coming together collectively in this environment was a good foundation for developing these new relationships.  Thank you to all those who worked so hard to pull the event together for all of us. 

Two presentations in particular piqued my interest for different reasons.  First, Shandra Woworuntu, Founder and CEO of Mentari, delivered a moving account of her experience of the horrors of human trafficking.   I was inspired by her will to escape and overcome, and then go on to help other victims.   She has responded to the call to care for other members of the human family, and reminds us that we all can use our experiences for greater good, no matter what trials we’ve undergone.

Alex Klein, Co-founder and CEO of Kano Computing also delivered a noteworthy presentation.  It was an excellent mix of style and substance – he explained his company effectively with vivid slides and storytelling, while enticing me to want to buy a Kano computer for my nieces and nephews. 

As for the format of the event, I enjoyed that the speaker sessions occurred individually and not simultaneously.  The breaks were nicely spaced to allow people to congregate, catch up on phone calls and work, and get coffee or pastries.  The lunches provided were nutritious and tasty. 

I look forward to going again next year to develop more connections with people in the entrepreneurial world who are doing really incredible and creative work.

There are people among us every day with an array of interesting ideas and competencies.   You don’t need to limit your experience of Big Omaha to one week…spend the year developing those new and not-so-new connections and see where they take you.  When our paths cross next year, I hope to hear about what trials you have worked to overcome in your business, and what you have done to care for others in our human family.  I promise to do the same.

Laura Neeson