Happy Holidays from Chapman and Company


It is holiday season again – and so, here is an article about how bosses are sharing the holidays with their staff.  In today’s environment with the significant social issues associated with (primarily) men behaving badly, it is critical for companies to plan the holiday season with the whole staff in mind.  I have personally witnessed a variety of holiday parties gone wrong – from super intoxicated employees to inappropriate sexual advances.

 At Chapman and Company, one of our core values is family.  This means that we try to include our family in our social interactions.  So, for example, we had our holiday party last night – Thursday, December 14.  It was a group dinner – tacos.  Tacos are our celebratory food.  When we land a client or have a particularly good day with one of our clients; we eat tacos.  So, this is a way for us to include our family in that tradition.  Its nerdy and special to us.

Then, we played games and shared an outing to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Everyone received a holiday gift – the Chapman and Company t-shirt for 2017 – including kid-sized versions.

 The article below is a really great list of ways for the best bosses to give their employees – special time, energy, and experiences around the holidays.  Enjoy.


Tom Chapman