My oldest child is 13 and there is an ongoing household discussion about where he will go to high school.  The factors that are important to me like thought and culture diversity, course selection, and commute distance are entirely different from his factors like lunch choices, amount of homework, and sports prowess.  As the parent, it is my job to weight the factors in an effort to reduce six factors down to one factor so we can make meaningful comparisons between schools. The math to get from six numbers to one number is easy.  To steal a quote from the late great Tom Petty, “the weighting is the hardest part.”  I am certain Mr. Petty wasn’t singing about factor weights in his song, but at Chapman & Company we do (we don’t sing, but we talk).  We talk about factors and factor weights a great deal with our clients so they can make informed decisions.  Here is a list of the best undergrad schools for Entrepreneurs.  Pay attention to how they rank the six factors and ask yourself which factor was weighted the most important.  Happy Holidays!

Scott Bragg