The Importance of Vacations


My kids have been on summer break for a couple of weeks, and it has me reflecting on the importance of summer vacations. 

My wife and I discussed our different experiences growing up.  Her family often camped and did outdoorsy things.  My mom felt like going to a lake cabin was as close to nature as she would want to be.  So we spent many summers driving to cities where we went to museums, water parks, and partaking in other kid-friendly experiences.  The key was not what we, as families, did – but the mental break that vacation afforded our parents from their normally stress-filled lives.

The article below from Psychology Today does a good job of explaining the psychological benefits of a vacation.  And particularly for entrepreneurs, I think re-charging is an important, necessary part of their work-life.  This is not just for balance, but also for long-term creativity and health in order to continue to build cool companies.




Tom Chapman