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Welcome to the Chapman & Company Blog.  We are delighted to engage with you through our blogging, and the ensuing discourse and shared ideas.  Our goal is to:

  1. Provide strategic business insight

  2. Inspire systemic thinking about your local ecosystems

  3. Generate and explore innovative business ideas

We at Chapman & Company want to stimulate creative discussions that catalyze business growth and development for you, our readers; we also look forward to building the relationships that evolve through collaborative conversations. 

Chapman & Company is a management consulting practice; our expertise includes services from business development and market research, to metrics and ecosystem construction. Our goal in this blog is to unravel these and other relevant business topics that are meaningful to our readers.

Please visit us often. We invite your comments on the site or directly to Tom, the Managing Partner, tchapman@chapmanandcompany.co about ideas that you love, hate, or want to appear on the blog.

Thank you for reading.

Tom Chapman